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Below you can find a list of titles of the original series "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of..." as opposed to the titles of the German series "Die drei ??? und...". (The copyright year is in parentheses.) The original publisher is Random House, New York, and the episodes were translated by Leonore Puschert for Franckh, Stuttgart.
The names of the main characters have been slightly changed in the translation. They are listed here as well. For any detailed information on a certain episode please consult the corresponding page of the German translation via the "Übersicht".
I think the list is helpful in that it shows which titles really belong together. Isn't it a case in point that all the really good episodes were written by Robert Arthur?
You can download an updated text-only list of the episodes in a format that can be easily imported by your favourite data base program. The list has been prepared by Christian Swoboda.
Our list is almost complete. If you would like to contribute to it or comment on this site in general, please feel free to contact:

Die drei Fragezeichen

The Three Investigators

The characters

Justus JonasJupiter Jones
Peter ShawPeter Crenshaw
Bob AndrewsBob Andrews
Morton, ChauffeurWorthington
Patrick and Kenneth from EireHans und Konrad aus Bayern

Their cards

Wir übernehmen jeden Fall

? ? ?

Erster Detektiv - Justus Jonas
Zweiter Detektiv - Peter Shaw
Recherchen und Archiv - Bob Andrews
"We Investigate Anything"

? ? ?

First Investigator - Jupiter Jones
Second Investigator- Peter Crenshaw
Records and Research - Bob Andrews
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Three Investigators

Die drei Fragezeichen und...

The Three Investigators in...

The episodes, listed by author

Robert Arthur
[11] Das Gespensterschloß (1968)[1] The Secret of Terror Castle (1964)
[1] Der Super-Papagei[2] The Mystery of The Stuttering Parrot (1964)
[10] Die flüsternde Mumie[3] The Whispering Mummy (1965)
[8] Der grüne Geist (1975)[4] The Mystery of The Green Ghost (1965)
[22] Der verschwundene Schatz[5] The Mystery of The Vanishing Treasure (1966)
[18] Die Geisterinsel (1973)[6] The Secret of Skeleton Island (1966)
[5] Der Fluch des Rubins (1970)[7] The Mystery of The Fiery Eye (1967)
[24] Die silberne Spinne (1981)[8] The Mystery of The Silver Spider (1967)
[12] Der seltsame Wecker (1973)[9] The Mystery of The Screaming Clock (1968)
[6] Der sprechende Totenkopf (1971)[11] The Mystery of The Talking Skull (1969)

William Arden (ps., i.e. Dennis Lynds)
[19] Der Teufelsberg (1974)[10] The Mystery of The Moaning Cave (1968)
[13] Der lachende Schatten (1971)[12] The Mystery of The Laughing Shadow (1969)
[4] Die schwarze Katze (1971)[13] The Mystery of The Crooked Cat (1970)
[9] Die rätselhaften Bilder (1976)[18] The Mystery of The Shrinking House (1972)
[2] Der Phantomsee (1977)[19] The Secret of Phantom Lake (1973)
[17] Die gefährliche Erbschaft (1978)[22] The Mystery of The Dead Man's Riddle (1974)
[21] Der tanzende Teufel (1979)[25] The Mystery of The Dancing Devil (1976)
[23] Das Aztekenschwert (1980)[26] The Mystery of The Headless Horse (1977)
[28] Der Doppelgänger (1982)[28] The Mystery of The Deadly Double (1978)
[30] Das Riff der Haie (1982)[30] The Mystery of Shark Reef (1979)
[34] Der rote Pirat (1984)[33] The Mystery of The Purple Pirate (1982)
[40] Der Automarder (1987)[38] The Mystery of The Smashing Glass (1984)
[45] Das Gold der Wikinger (1989)[42] The Mystery of Wrecker's Rock (1986)
[53] Die Automafia[Crimebusters 1] Hot Wheels (1989)

Nick West
[7] Der unheimliche Drache[14] The Mystery of The Coughing Dragon (1970)
[15] Der rasende Löwe (1974)[16] The Mystery of The Nervous Lion (1974)

M. V. Carey (i.e. Mary Carey)
[20] Die flammende Spur (1979)[15] The Mystery of The Flaming Footprints (1971)
[25] Die singende Schlange (1975)[17] The Mystery of The Singing Serpent (1972)
[14] Das Bergmonster (1976)[20] The Mystery of Monster Mountain (1973)
[21] Der Zauberspiegel[21] The Secret of The Haunted Mirror (1974)
[3] Der Karpatenhund[23] The Mystery of The Invisible Dog (1975)
[26] Die Silbermine (1980)[24] The Mystery of Death Trap Mine (1976)
[27] Der magische Kreis (1981)[27] The Mystery of The Magic Circle (1978)
[32] Der Ameisenmensch (1983)[29] The Mystery of The Sinister Scarecrow (1979)
[31] Das Narbengesicht (1982/83)[31] The Mystery of The Scar-Faced Beggar (1981)
[33] Die bedrohte Ranch (1983)[32] The Mystery of The Blazing Cliffs (1981)
[35] Der Höhlenmensch (1984)[34] The Mystery of The Wandering Caveman (1982)
[37] Der heimliche Hehler (1985)[36] The Mystery of The Missing Mermaid (1983)
[38] Der unsichtbare Gegner (1986)[39] The Mystery of The Trail of Terror (1984)
[43] Der höllische Werwolf (1988)[41] The Mystery of The Creep-Show Crooks (1985)
[46] Der schrullige Millionär[43] The Mystery of The Cranky Collector (1987)

Marc Brandel
[36] Der Super-Wal (1985)[35] The Mystery of The Kidnapped Whale (1983)
[39] Die Perlenvögel (1986)[37] The Mystery of The Two-Toed Pigeon (1984)
[44] Der gestohlene Preis (1988)[40] The Mystery of The Rogues' Reunion (1985)
[51] Der riskante Ritt[Crimebusters 5] An Ear For Danger (1989)


Megan Stine and H. William Stine
[42] Der weinende Sarg (1988)[44] The Case of The Weeping Coffin (1985)
[47] Der Giftige Gockel (1990)[Crimebusters 2] Murder To Go (1989)
[50] Der verschwundene Filmstar[Crimebusters 6] Thriller Diller (USA), Hollywood Horror (UK) (1989)
[55] Gekaufte Spieler (1992)[Crimebusters 10] Long Shot (1990)

Rose Estes
[41] Das Volk der Winde (1987)[45] The Case of The Dancing Dinosaur (1985)

G. H. Stone (ps., i.e. Gayle Lynds)
[48] Die gefährlichen Fässer[Crimebusters 3] Rough Stuff (1989)
[52] Die Musikpiraten[Crimebusters 7] Reel Trouble (1989)
[56] Angriff der Computer-Viren (1992)[Crimebusters 11] Fatal Error (1990)

William McCay
[49] Die Comic-Diebe[Crimebusters 4] Funny Business (1989)
-[Crimebusters 8] Shoot the Works (1990)

Peter Lerangis
[54] Gefahr im Verzug[Crimebusters 9] Foul Play

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